Volunteering at Phil & Jim

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our school. We believe that volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the school’s work, and that they enrich the school through the breadth of their knowledge and experience.

Who can volunteer?

We are happy to welcome anyone, including:

  • Members of the governing board
  • Parents
  • Former pupils
  • Students on work experience
  • Local residents
  • Friends of the school/members of the PTA
  • Local clergy or members of the congregation

What do volunteers do?

At Phil & Jim School volunteers may:

  • Read with children
  • Accompany classes on school visits (see below)
  • Work with individual children
  • Work with small groups of children
  • Support specific curriculum areas or events, such as our Science Career Fair or Art projects

If you have a particular job, interest or skill you feel would enrich the curriculum for the children then please do get in touch, as we welcome specialist talks and workshops for the pupils.

What checks are carried out?

All appointments are conditional upon the completion of an enhanced DBS check (if appropriate) and other appropriate safeguarding and recruitment checks, and relevant training. Enhanced DBS checks for volunteers working in the school through other organisations will be conducted by the relevant organisation, if needed. The school will ask for written confirmation that enhanced DBS checks have been carried out before a volunteer is allowed to start work at the school.

How do volunteers apply?

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer, either for a one off event such as a school visit or on a more regular basis e.g. to read with children, should contact Miss Mallon, the class teacher or the Business Manager by telephoning the school on 01865 311064 or by sending an email to senco@ss-philip-and-james.oxon.sch.uk or businessmanager@ss-philip-and-james.oxon.sch.uk.
Regular volunteers should complete a Volunteer Application Form and sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct (please see below) which sets out Phil & Jim’s expectations of its volunteers and confirms that they have read a copy of the policy.

If you decide to proceed with voluntary work in school, please read and complete the below documents to start the process:

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Privacy Notice

Volunteering for School Trips
If you have any questions about a school trip, please see the class teacher. We always appreciate your help on school trips – it would be difficult to organise visits outside school without parent volunteers.


  • Parents may not always have their own child in their group (parents are welcome to volunteer for any trip, regardless if their child is in the class or not).
  • Mobile phones and cameras are not permitted to be used.
  • The teacher may give parent helpers a list of children for whom they are responsible (all children are told that they must stay with their group and the group adult at all times).
  • If the trip involves a coach journey, please help the children in your group to put on and fit their seatbelts. Children are not allowed to eat or drink on the coaches (unless otherwise agreed). The class teacher has sick bucket/bags, if needed.
  • The class teacher is responsible for ALL first aid and medication. The class teacher will lead the rules, routines and expectations for the day. Please help the teacher by ensuring your group follows all instructions e.g. when to eat and drink.
  • If there is a medical or other emergency, let the class teacher know immediately. The class teacher is responsible for contacting the school in emergency situations.
  • If you need to leave your group for any reason, please inform another adult.
  • Parent volunteers are asked to keep the same degree of confidentiality as in school. If you have any queries or problems concerning the trip, please direct these in the first instance to the class teacher, or if you would rather, the Headteacher on return from the trip.